Back to School: Welcome to the Portland Education Action Network!

Welcome to the Portland Education Action Network!

This site was inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm of my Portland State University students in the Educational Equity and Enhancing Youth Literacy Capstones and the idea that all of us would do more in our communities if we were more informed and more connected.  My sincere hope is that this information spreads to family and friends so that we all become more tuned in to the challenges and triumphs of organizations that education and support children in Portland and that we collectively act to support organizations doing good work for kids and families. The PDX Education Action Network is a site dedicated to the following:

  • œ  Providing up-to-date information on local and national education issues
  • œ  Continuing discussions on educational equity, social justice, supporting young people in our communities, etc.
  • œ  Providing resources for continued community-based learning and giving
  • œ  Creating a network of informed educators, community members, parents, family members
  • œ  Sharing stories from the field – perspectives from teaches, information from graduate students in the field of education, experiences of those volunteering in the community

My hope is that this becomes a place to share information about working for educational equity.  I invite those of you who volunteer, work with kids, parent, advocate, teach, mentor, counsel, and support young people in this community to participate and share.


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