Love Science? Want to Volunteer with High School Youth?

PAST&E and Future Connect are looking for a Science Squad leader! 

 Portland After-School Tennis & Education, Inc (PAST&E) is a non-profit youth development organization for k-12th grade students. Our year around program creates effective partnerships with families, schools and volunteers to achieve academic and athletic success. Through one-on-one tutoring, tennis lessons, direct instruction, a strong emphasis on nutrition/fitness and parent education our program develops strong student athletes and prepares them for a productive future.

Future Connect is an initiative of Mayor Sam Adams’ to help youth access college and careers through support at local high schools, teen centers, SUN Schools, and community colleges.

Together, they would like to pilot “Science Squad,” a program where older students peer mentor and lead younger students through experiments and activities to inspire curiosity and enhance lesson plans.

While PAST&E has a super-motivated high school student with experiments and lesson plans ready to go, she could sure use a lot of help managing the program and developing it further.  PAST&E and Future Connect would appreciate a Portland State Universityvolunteer with an interest or major in the STEM areas to help pilot this program and mentor it’s students.  Science Squad is currently scheduled to occur every Monday starting September 26th from 2-5pm at the St. Johns Racquet Center (7519 N Burlington Ave.), with two different sessions, each 1.5 hour long.  Additional prep time can be scheduled as needed.


 Samantha Skaggs

Future Connect Coordinator

University Park Community Center

9009 N Foss Ave.

Portland, OR 97203



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