Weekend Catch Up: Boundaries, Charter Schools, and Teacher of the Year, Oh My!

While my 6-month-old son sleeps in the next room, I’ve decided to compile some local highlights from the week.  There’s been a lot going on in Oregon education, and my two kids and a big pile of WR 122 essays to grade prevented me from updating until now!  A teacher/parent’s work is never done…


As you may have read or heard about, Oregon is facing another round of cuts to things to state-funded organizations, like schools, Parks and Recreation, etc.  What will the impact be on schools?  Read some of the following, and think about attending or listening in on some future school board meetings.

  • Portland School Board: Go to this site to read about upcoming meeting agendas, public meeting notices, etc.  This also contains information about the live broadcast and about volunteer committee opportunities.
  • Check out the Oregonian’s recent article about the upcoming Portland School Board meeting (this Monday) during which a possible shift in school attendance boundaries will be discussed.  This, no doubt, will cause quite a stir.  For those who were in my class during the Sabin/Alameda boundary discussion, you know that boundaries are about a lot more than lines on a map.

Charter Schools

Teacher of the Year

These are highlights from what seem to be some of the most important education issues in Oregon this week.  Let me know what you think!

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