Action Monday: Attend an Upcoming School Boundary Meeting and Write a Guest Blog Post!

School enrollment boundaries may be shifting in Portland.  As we know, these boundaries (and their possible shifting) are not apolitical.  Boundaries can reflect a lot about a city and impact the mix of students in a big way.  They can also impact property values and force communities to think about economic status, race, cultural capital, and educational equity in some major ways. Last year, when possible boundary changes were discussed between the Sabin and Alameda schools, tensions abounded.

While you may not have time set aside each week to get involved with schools and youth in your community, you probably have two hours to attend a community meeting to become more informed and to add to the conversation on possible boundary shifts.  Check out this schedule of neighborhood meetings, and please comment if you attend or email me to write a guest post!  Meetings in North Portland are upcoming, so do show up if that’s your neighborhood or if you’ve worked in N or NE Portland schools.  This is an easy way to see what it’s like to be a more involved community member!



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