“Take It to the Streets” Tuesday: Become More Active Step by Little Step (Is Teacher Assessment in Oregon Important to You?)

My current “Enhancing Youth Literacy” students have started to show all of the normal signs of post-mid-term disillusionment.  They have been angrily commenting on the lack of strong resources and good teachers, are in dismay about the lack of critical thinking taught in classrooms, and are shocked by what they have seen in their community.  We have all been there.  But…as I explained to them, all of this knowledge they’re gathering, all of the anger toward the system, all of the experiences in the community…these don’t really mean anything unless they lead to action.

So, here’s a small, easy opportunity to take a first step to becoming more active.  For those of you who are teachers (or future teachers) this “Take It to the Streets” Tuesday action opportunity should be of particular interest.  The State Board of Education will be making some important decisions that will impact teacher evaluations (and principal evaluations, too) in Oregon.  Yes, that’s right…the oh-so-controversial teacher evaluation process!  Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Go to this link to read about the proposed teacher evaluations for Oregon.  Scroll down to the link to the document titled “Personnel Policies, Evaluation…”
  2. Go to this link to compose an email to the State Board of Education with your thoughts on what they have drafted.  This link has some language built in from Stand for Children (I’m still working on finding the original link to submit feedback without suggested language).  If you agree with their ideas, you can keep that language.  If not, you can easily delete it and add your own!
  3. Make sure you submit your feedback by November 15, 2011!
  4. Feel good that you’ve taken a small but important step toward becoming more active in supporting strong, equitable education in Oregon!
  5. Let us know (via Blog post) what your experience was and what you think about the proposed assessment tool.



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