How to “Green” & Fix Oregon Schools? AFT Provides One Answer

After the failure of the 2011 bond measure to fund fixing some major problems in local school buildings, Portland educators and communities were left with questions about how to fund some important repairs and necessary upgrades.  John Kitzhaber’s “Cool Schools” program was initiated to help fund schools in the state-wide mission for energy efficiency.  Now the American Federation of Teachers has decided to pitch in with more potential funding for this program by partnering with Oregon in this mission.  The result of this could be greener schools AND more jobs in Oregon.

While this program looks very hopeful, especially with the re-energizing that will come from the AFT’s support, there have been some rumblings along the way that question the efficiency of the program overall and its spending.

Do you support more energy efficient schools in Oregon?  Is partnering with outside organizations the only way to fund the basic needs of our schools?  Or will voters eventually bite the bullet and opt in for tax increases that will fund our schools in a steadier, more stable way?


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