“Make It Happen Monday”: Input on Future Student Assessment in Oregon

After a wonderful holiday and weekend spent giving thanks with my family and having rowdy discussions about the future of education in our country (we had five educators at the Thanksgiving table), I have been thinking a lot about what action really looks like.  What can it look like to actively support education in our community?  The truth is that support for education takes many forms.  One is hands-on service.  Another is political action.  While this is a crazily busy time of year with other holidays approaching, finals week looming, and more, it is possible to continue to act in support of education.

Check out this link to a survey from Governor Kitzhaber that asks community members to weigh in on what’s most important to them when it comes to assessing student growth and achievement.  This input will be taken into account when they develop the new model of measuring what student success looks like.  Yes, it’s a little step in the right direction, and it does count!  Please take a minute to thoughtfully consider what assessment should look like in our communities!



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