Thursday’s Tiny Reading Collection: Building Blocks, School Boundaries, Class Size, and Rising Poverty

I’m starting a new Thursday post called the “Tiny Reading Collection.”  This will feature a collection of short, thought provoking articles that serve as a sampler of highlight articles that will help keep you informed.  This week’s articles are as follows:

  • An article on a return to using wooden building blocks in teaching and learning and creating more space for creative play in classrooms (“With Blocks, Educators Go Back to Basics,” New York Times)
  • An article on increasing class sizes in the Metro area and the impact on kids and teachers (“Students Lose Individual Attention...,” Oregonian
  • The proposal for new Portland school boundaries was released…with more community discussions to follow.
  • Census data released reports that 50% of black children in Oregon live in poverty. This really speaks to the way that the economic downturn is impacting communities of color and needs to lead to more discussions about the ways that systemic barriers impact kids and families in our community.
  • A beautiful article (with lots of links) called “To Teachers: How to Stay Hopeful and Inspired” (written by educator Elena Aguilar) from Edutopia is a perfect way to end this collection.  Even in the light of major challenges, we must stay hopeful and active.

Happy reading…


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