Immediate Action: Do You Believe in the DREAM Act? Help Gustavo Alvarez Today!

In class, we read about all sorts of education issues.  But reading about them is different than seeing them unfold before you.  A Portland student from Centennial High School is currently facing deportation (this week) due to the fact that the DREAM Act has not yet been passed.  Please consider any of the following actions to respond to this action and to help this student fulfill his dream of graduating from high school (the first to do so in his family) and becoming a fire fighter.

  1. Read about Gustavo Alvarez’s story here.  This link also will allow you to sign an email petition and to call the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security to make a plea for Alvarez to stay in this country.
  2. Check out information and attend a rally Wednesday (4:00) outside of the Portland City Hall for Alvarez held by the NW Immigrant Youth Alliance.
  3. Spread the word to family and friends, and make your voices heard.



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