Resolutions for a 2012 of Community-Based Work: Step Away from the Holiday Chocolates, Write, Reflect, and Act (Resolutions for a New Year of Community-Based Work)

The holiday was filled with family visitors, baked gingerbread men, listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack (requested again and again by my 2-year-old), watching my 9-month-old learn to crawl, and discussing education issues with a few close friends.  Yes, that’s right.  Even on my break, I couldn’t help discussing what’s going on in local schools and how to do more to support them.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is ways of supporting my students (and others) as they find ways to integrate community work (volunteering their time, investing in careers that support community, etc.) into their daily, weekly, or monthly lives.

Yes, it’s important to teach students content during each 10-week term, but it’s even more important to support students (and friends and acquaintances) who want to continue the work we do and to make it a daily practice of being informed, talking to others, and taking action in some form.  With this in mind, I’ve made the following resolutions as the primary blogger for the “still-new and finding its way” PDX Education Action Network:

  • Write frequently (to encourage lots of visits and discussions) and provide opinions and experiences as a teacher and someone who works in this community
  • Bring in guest bloggers (to provide perspective and encouragement as well as other opinions)
  • Experiment with how to encourage more discussion from readers
  • Inform future voters in this whirlwind election year (we have lots of candidates and issues to discuss in 2012)
  • Encourage small acts of community work that feel doable even to very busy students, parents, etc.

While my personal resolution list includes running a 5K and learning to cook family recipes, my community-work is equally important and valuable, and I know that many of you feel this way, too!

As always, dear readers, feel free to share your resolutions here.  Are you looking to become more involved in 2012?  Have you resolved to put your actions where your values/philosophy are?  Is it important to you to find even small ways of getting involved and keeping informed? 

Please continue to read and encourage your friends and family members as well.  The latest education issues provide lots of good conversation starters, and I will be working to provide easy access to information that will keep you in the loop.




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