Kitzhaber’s “Achievement Compacts”: More Unfunded Mandates?

Declaring education to be one of the state’s top 10 priorities, Kitzhaber has proposed that schools be required to create achievement compacts each year to clarify each school’s goals for its students and to, eventually, direct money toward programs that will support kids in effective ways.

We all want to see schools create goals for student achievement and to find funding for programs that work; however, the achievement compacts proposed come along with no incentives to schools who create them.  With no new funding, how will achievement compacts impact already-strained school systems who may dream up all sorts of ways to support students but that rarely can hire trained staff to create the programs that are needed?  Is this another unfunded mandate to follow in the footsteps of the underfunded NCLB, that highlights gaps in student achievement without being able to fully fund interventions?

I’d love to hear your thoughts?  Are you for or against these “achievement compacts”?


2 thoughts on “Kitzhaber’s “Achievement Compacts”: More Unfunded Mandates?

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