Ever Thought About Joining a Movement or Organization?: Valentine’s Challenge Day 2

Joining a movement is not as daunting as it may sound.  Becoming part of an active organization is actually one of the easiest ways to get involved without having to do all of the leg work.  If joining an ongoing organization feels too big, think about joining a short movement that’s happening right now.  Being part of a series of actions that is relevant in this very moment feels great and helps actual people. Both good things.

Right now.  Today.  You can fight against deportation of immigrant students who have lived in the U.S. for most of their lives and who are seeking higher education.  You can raise your voice against censorship of history texts across the country.  You can join with other women who are organizing in their neighborhoods to support kids and schools.  You can take part in budget decisions for your own community.

Join a Current Movement (a sample of some things on my radar)

  • DREAM Week of Action: If you’re concerned about the rights and access to higher education of undocumented students who have grown up in the U.S., join up!  They’ll even text you information about when to email or call if a student is under threat of deportation.
  • No History Is Illegal: A campaign to raise awareness about the book censorship taking place in Tucson schools. Sign their pledge to teach, discuss, and respect the history of marginalized communities.
  • Track and Weigh in On the February 2012 Legislative Session
  • Go to an upcoming City Budget Discussion

Join an Active Organization:

Again, the benefit of being part of an active organization or even a short, organized set of actions to support youth or schools is that the background work is done for you.  You can then easily fit a support email, a letter to your local representative, a day lobbying, etc., into your busy schedule!

Question of the Day: Are you a member of any of these organizations or others that you think are important in terms of support to kids, families, and schools?  What has your experience been?  Also, let me know if you join one of the current “movements”!


3 thoughts on “Ever Thought About Joining a Movement or Organization?: Valentine’s Challenge Day 2

  1. Just signed the petition for No History is Illegal. It’s awesome to see some youth who feel empowered to demand recognition from the community and the school system. We are starting some cool history projects this month with our youth and I am so glad we have the freedom to teach history from multiple perspectives.

    • This movement is really inspiring, especially the youth involvement. I think that all of the adults I know should read up on “No History Is Illegal” and would find that maybe they do have the time and the knowledge to make some noise about the inequity and injustice we see even in our own neighborhoods in Portland. I hope you’ll let us know how the history projects go. As far as freedom to teach history from multiple perspectives, it sounds like your organization has more freedom than others. I know that in public schools, some issues are left out of the history books (for example, Japanese Internment) and that students are only taught about things like this if their teachers take the time to create their own lessons. I am all for creativity of curriculum and know that most good teachers are, too, but these kinds of things are so important that they should be in the books, too, so that all students have access to the knowledge of what has gone on in this country and beyond…

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