Go BIG and Go Small: Valentine’s Day Challenges 4 & 5

I have about 50 more papers to grade this weekend, so I will make this short and sweet.  The theme for PDXEAN’s Valentine’s Day Challenge Days 4 and 5 is “Go BIG and Go small.”  What does this mean?


Challenge #4.  GO BIG

If you think that the individual doesn’t matter, if you don’t vote, if you feel like you are powerless to help, make a goal to experience being part of a BIG movement this year.  This might mean working on the 2012 election for a cause or candidate you can connect with.  This might mean walking in a protest or awareness march.  Being part of a big group working for something big, like equity for kids and schools, is invigorating in ways that working as an individual might not be.  The momentum, the passion, the excitement — try it!

And if you’re still unconvinced that the little people don’t count, the recent turn around of the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Association decision, seems like a good one to study.  Yes, people with money and power were involved in overturning the decision to pull Planned Parenthood’s funding for breast cancer screenings, but little people were involved, too.  And it was the culmination of all of those voices that mattered and turned things around so that women can have affordable access to prevention.

Challenge # 5: go small

Make a tiny goal.  Say that you’ll volunteer for one day (a few hours) this month at an organization that you believe in.  Use Hands on Portland’s easy volunteer position finder to sign up for a single day of service that fits into your schedule.  They have one-time volunteer activities days, weekends, nights…you name it.  And, hey, maybe after your few hours of volunteering, you’ll want to make it a monthly or weekly practice?

That’s my two cents for the weekend: go big and go small.  I sincerely hope you try both!


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