Oregon Education This Week: Keeping Informed

My teaching duties have been consuming all of my extra time, but I’m sneaking away for a moment to give you all some links to current education happenings in our state.  Some of these are very hopeful, so do read on!

  • Project Harvest is recognized for helping black male high school students find paths to college.  Hopeful!
  • Grant High School’s principal is lauded for facing the tough issues (an inequitable two tracked system of class offerings, for example) and making rules that will shift the system and provide more access to achievement for all students.  Very hopeful!
  • Districts try to figure out the implications of Oregon’s new open enrollment law.  Lots of districts are opening their doors to transfer students.  While this may give some students the opportunity to attend a better school outside of their district, it does nothing to address the fact that ALL NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS should be good enough that the students in their area will want to stay there and will receive a high-quality education.  It feels like this law allows some to get around asking the harder questions and doing the harder work…just my two cents.
  • We are still waiting to see what happens in the last few days/hours of Oregon’s short 2012 legislative session.  Still up for decision?  Kitzhaber’s initiatives on early childhood education AND achievement compacts.

Read up and spread the information — the more informed we all are, the better we can advocate for kids and families!



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