Oregon’s 2012 Legislative Session Ends: How Did Kids & Families Do?

If you were unable to follow the back and forth of Oregon’s 2012 Legislative Session, now is the time to catch up!  Two heavily covered bills (one that requires schools to create achievement compacts detailing performance and plans for improvements and another that consolidates decision making for early childhood education (with the desired result being more oversite and more support?).  Read more about these bills below:

In an effort to acclimate Oregonians to the newly created Oregon Education Investment Board, Kitzhaber (and others) are hosing upcoming public outreach meetings, two of which are in Portland.  One of these outreach meetings will be held tonight at SEI.

On a side note:

In one of my student’s presentations on the DREAM Act, she was referencing Legislative Sessions from Oregon past and importantly noted that if you want information on what’s going on in Salem you should not go to the Oregon State Legislature homepage;  So true.  I’ve often forgotten how horrible their website is and gone to it only to remember that this definitely needs a redo. Maybe some of the money spent on the time haggling could have been spent to modernize the website and actually give Oregonians clear, understandable access to what is going on in the state capital?



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