Spring at PDXEAN: A Preview & an Opportunity for Readers to Shape Future Content!

After a lovely (but far too brief break) including a jaunt to the coast to clear my mind and to enjoy my family, spring term is upon me!  I’ve been doing the busy, invisible teaching work that is required for organized, current, creative classroom learning and have also been thinking about what’s coming up for the blog this spring.  This is a short note to preview what’s upcoming at the PDX Education Action Network and a chance for you to provide feedback on issues you’d like to see discussed.  On the spring agenda…

  • Following the results of the February legislative session in Oregon (including what happens with early childhood education decision-making consolidation & achievement compacts)
  • Gearing up for the Multnomah County May Primary Election, which will also include an important library levy
  • Gearing up for the November presidential election — yes, it’s time to get active to support issues and candidates
  • Talking about summer programs that support kids and families
  • Reflecting and asking more questions here about the kind of community-based learning that I (and others) do
  • Providing spring and summer volunteer opportunity information
  • Checking in with former students to find out about their community work beyond the classroom
  • Check in with current students to find out about what they’re learning as (potentially) first-time volunteers in education settings
  • And so much more…


Thank you to all of you who read and follow.  As always, I love to hear your feedback and would also like to know which education issues are at the top of your list right now.  What questions and topics would you like to discuss further?  What information can I provide to fill in the gaps?



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