Portland’s Overworked High School Teachers Make National News: How Much Is Too Much?

As usual, I’m slammed with work during the first week of spring term.  However, I must post these articles for you all to read.  The changes to Portland’s high school structure and the now heavy workloads of teachers (teaching upwards of 180 students per week) has made national news.  Stay informed.  Follow this story.  Advocate for better conditions for students and teachers.  Think about how you will vote when we are faced with making decisions regarding how we budget for education in our community.

Here’s a short reading list on the subject:

Please check out my previous post on the superintendent’s proposed budget for PPS 2012-2013.  The fact is that our school system does not have enough money to support smaller class sizes and better teacher workloads, especially in the face of the latest needed cuts.

The real question is…how much is too much?  When will our community of voters see that we cannot continue to cut funding for education and that we must change the way public schools are funded in Portland?

What are your thoughts, dear readers?  I’d love to have you weigh in on this!


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