More PPS Budget News: Parents & Students Fight Back

The big buzz in Portland education news is all about the superintendent’s proposed budget for the 2012-2013 school year.  Why should you keep informed about this budget proposal?

  1. The PPS budget IS something we, as voters, can do something about when we vote on local levies/bonds and state tax measures.  In fact, there’s talk of an upcoming bond that may go to the voters in the fall.  This kind of bond, if we pass it, would support updating and repairing the physical structures of so many PPS schools that are in disrepair.
  2. You can get involved in community meetings NOW.  Check back here for dates and times for meetings in upcoming weeks.
  3. The proposed cuts to the Oregon Outdoor School Program, Humboldt & Harriet Tubman Schools, and 100+ teaching jobs have brought parents, students, and educators together.  This is a time to see what the power of community voices can do and to track the way the community can work together in a grassroots effort to save the things we value.

Stay informed by reading the following local media updates:

Please check back here for updates as the community reaction to the proposed cuts unfolds.  If you are opposed to all or some of the proposed cuts, what are your thoughts?  With a very limited budget, what can districts do to preserve community schools and important programs while still cutting back?


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