Portland Public Schools May Be Saved Again…but the Call for Stable School Funding Is Still Needed

I am happy to have just read an article detailing a deal that PPS and the City of Portland are trying to work out to save the 100 teaching jobs that were proposed to be cut as a result of yet another shrunken education budget in Oregon.

Don’t get me wrong.  I really am happy.  But I’m also concerned.  Will the rallies and the petitions and the activism stop if we are saved for one more school year?  The work that has to be done is so much larger than saving those 100 jobs.  Portland kids and families deserve stability and equitable education settings.  There is no way to achieve this without much larger reforms and a more solid understanding of the way Oregon pays for education in the state.  

Rallies to save teachers are invigorating, magical, and empowering.  Discussions about tax reform, in contrast, may feel like downers.  Reform to the way we fund schools in our state would be magical.  Let’s just hope we keep the momentum going on this movement…because we have a long way to go.


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