Easy Activism: Some New (and Old) Ways to Get Involved with Local Schools

In the last few months, the Portland Public Schools budget crisis has hit new lows and new highs.  School districts around Oregon have been looking for ways to cut from an already much reduced amount of funding.  We have seen the continued pattern of disinvestment in our kids and schools.  

We have also seen the community come together to rally for its schools.  Most recently, two organizations have sprung up with the goal of being publicly active and vocal in support of greater stability for our local schools.

  • Invest in Oregon Kids (an organization with the focus on tax reform as a way to stabilize school funding)
  • UPSET (an organization made up of local parents, teachers, and students — they are heading up the march on May 11)

What I really like about both organizations is that they have sprung freely from the community (that’s a good sign) and that they’re getting out information about little ways to get involved that make a big impact.

  • Call Governor Kitzhaber and let him know that having a stable school budget in future years is a priority.  (503) 378-3072.
  • Meet with your state representative or senator to let him/her know that we need a long-term solution to the instability of funding and support for local schools. Find them here by entering your home location: http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/.
  • March with UPSET on May 11 to show our community that education is a priority to us and that we will not stand for unjust, inequitable schooling for kids in Portland: https://docs.google.com/a/pcc.edu/document/pub?id=1kA2KTu1L7fFl9oWb514fcRih3MrEH82UdGwFvmfEgEA.
  • Continue to volunteer to support kids and schools.  Don’t forget that Hands on Portland is an easy-access site that can get you started: http://www.handsonportland.org/.



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