Depave Project at James John School: Green Spaces for Sustainable Learning & Living

I had the honor of working with the James John Elementary School SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods) program during spring term.  Five of my students were placed at SUN and had an amazing experience with the kids.  James John is currently experiencing a Depave project, where the large asphalt expanse of the playground is slowly being turned into green spaces: a small soccer field, trees, and garden areas.  In an era where kids get much less time outdoors and much less hands-on learning, this is a move in the right direction.

For all of my students who volunteered at James John and for all of you who love the idea of green spaces for kids, here’s a wonderful volunteer opportunity this Saturday, 06/23: Depave James John.  They are looking for volunteers to help with the depaving process, which I can only imagine is cathartic!

If you go, post back here about how it went!

Happy volunteering,



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