Presenting on Service-Learning in the Writing Classroom: Slides & Thoughts from the Young Rhetoricians Conference

I have the good fortune of spending a few days in beautiful Monterey, California, where I just presented on a panel dedicated to talking about community-based learning in writing classrooms.  My presentation was titled “Ticket to Ride: Meaning & Motivation in Citizen-Writers.”  The audience was lovely, and my co-panelist and moderator Mike Land was welcoming and helped me feel like a part of this group at the Young Rhetoricians gathering right away.  Mike is a fellow teacher of service-learning (at Assumption College) and has been doing wonderful things with his students and community for a number of years.  Check out his blog Serving the Story to learn more about his work.

For a glimpse of what I presented, check out Ticket to Ride.  I’ll be posting back on other conference news related to ideas I’m getting about integrating service learning into the writing classroom in the next few days.



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