Sales Tax to Support Education: Charlie Hales’s (Portland Mayoral Candidate) Bold Statement

I am in the thick of the end of the term and final grading, but I wanted to mention the recent statement of Portland mayoral candidate Charlie Hales on being open to supporting a sales tax in order to provide more stable funding for education in our state.  With most of education funding coming from highly volatile income tax, we are in need of stronger solutions for stable (and equitable) funding for schools.  What do you think about Hales’s statement?  And Jefferson Smith’s agreement on some level?  Will these opinions be influential to future changes to Oregon tax structure?  And why do you think these comments come at this particular moment in time?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Sales Tax to Support Education: Charlie Hales’s (Portland Mayoral Candidate) Bold Statement

  1. It seems like what we learned in class would keep any politician on the far side of a sales tax hike in Oregon – how many times has the measure failed? It doesn’t seem like a popular idea and usually politicians aren’t leaders, they just look which way the group is going and jump out front. I wonder if they’re lobbying for support from teachers unions or something… don’t get me wrong. It would be great if they’re actually behind it but will that be worth anything if the public won’t vote for it?

    • Tyler:
      Interesting point. It does seem like both an unpopular thing to say and an interesting/problematic time to say it? The fact that both candidates ended up saying that they would support some version of a sales tax is fascinating. Maybe there’s more behind the scenes that we don’t know about? What I do know is that schools (and other public services) really need more stability. If not from taxes, where can we get a more solid ground for these services?

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