This Week’s Education Reading List:

I am knee-deep in planning materials for my fall 2012 courses.  In the next term, which starts on September 24, I teach an Enhancing Youth Literacy Capstone at PSU, two WR 122: Persuasive Writing courses at PCC, and one WR 223: Persuasive Writing course at Marylhurst.  As you may imagine, the process of course revision, syllabus editing, and preparation is a little crazy as the term approaches.  With piles of books at my side and a book bag stuffed with papers, books I want to read, pens, and pamphlets, I am a near-constant feature at my local coffee shop.  That said, you can imagine that haven’t had oodles of time to write elegant blog posts on the state of education this week.

But there’s a ton going on, and I want us all to keep informed.   How will we all keep informed?  By adding these articles and news stories to our Kindles, our iPods, or our bookmarked articles lists and making the time to do some important reading and listening.  Happy back to school.  This week’s reading list follows:

  • I’m sure you’ve heard about the teacher’s strike in Chicago.  I heard a really interesting and in-depth look at the issue of teacher assessment on NPR this morning and am sharing it here: “The Heated Debate Over Grading Teacher Performance.”  (National News)
  • Rudy Crew, Oregon’s new Chief Education Officer and bringer of hope (?), just spoke at the Portland City Club.  A former student of mine who now works for NW Housing Alternatives posted this to the PDXEAN Facebook; I was definitely inspired by Crew’s words.  What do you all think about his vision for change in Oregon schools? (Local News)
  • Here’s a nice little roundup of recent stories on Portland Public Schools, from the opening of Schoolhouse Supplies to teachers (they do need volunteers if you’re interested!) to a closer examination of all of the school scores currently being released (high schools are struggling the most across the board). (Local News)
  • A friend of mine posted this article on the racist history of charter schools to Facebook, and I think that it’s a good one to read.  Washington will be voting on whether or not to allow charter schools.  Whether you live in WA or not, be informed about the charter school movement and take a look at this article.

Okay, that’s a short reading list for now.  Check back soon for more…and elegant blog posts once the class planning is done and the term begins 🙂



2 thoughts on “This Week’s Education Reading List:

  1. Zappoura, how are you going to mange your stress level with this class load? I hope that you have a good foundation your calendar is full please keep this in mind, your family comes first. I am sure you will be fine just make sure you keep these words close to your lipsNO!


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