Come to the First Rally of the School Year in PDX: Get Engaged Now!

For K-12 schools, the school year is already in full swing.  For some of us teaching in higher education, the school year starts in a week.  I’m in the thick of final class planning and communicating with my fall term students about community placements, textbooks, and scheduling.


For those of you who are former students, I know that you will be looking for ways to get involved (big and small ways, yes?) and to continue to support kids and schools.  There’s a great opportunity coming up with the first rally of the school year at Grant Park; this will take place on Friday, September 21, gathering at 3:30.

For those of you who haven’t been part of a rally before (or even for those who have), you should definitely try out this kind of public forum.  The energy present is inspiring and always propels me into other social action.

This is an election year, so there will be a buzz in the air building up until November.  We have several measures on the ballot in Portland that will be impacting local schools and kids.  Two of these are Measure 84 and Measure 85.

Spread the Word and Vote to Support Libraries

For more objective information on these ballot measures and other national and local voting issues, see this excellent voter’s guide put together by a research librarian at Portland State University.

And speaking of librarians, please vote to support our local libraries and to sustain them into the future.

Register Yourself and Others to Vote

Finally, please register to vote and encourage others to do so as well!

This rally is a beautiful way to start the 2012-2013 school year — with passion for education, with a community supporting each other in this work, and with a public act that will encourage more attention and more action!


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