Easy Education Activism (Early October Edition): Delicious Pairings of Reading & Doing the Work

I’m currently obsessing over fall flavors and have been experimenting with some of these pairings: pumpkin pancakes and hot chocolate, roasted sweet potatoes and a pear cider, baked kale chips and ginger beer.

While one of my fall impulses is to get into my coziest sweater and hibernate, the reality is that fall is a very active time for kids and schools and should be an active time for all of us who are advocates for educational equity in our communities.  Especially in a major election year, it is important for us all to be having conversations, keeping informed, and doing community work as much as possible.

With my fall flavors theme in mind, I’ve paired some recent education articles with some very easy (so easy!) opportunities for community engagement to support kids and community.  You are invited to read and do.  I hope to see you at some (or all) of these events.

Delicious Pairings of Reading & Doing the Work

  1. Read “Oregon Legislature Could Address Section 8 Discrimination if Democrats Control House” and then attend Race Talks on Tuesday, October 8, 7:00, at the Kennedy School for a community discussion on race, community, history, and more.
  2. Read Stand for Children’s interviews with Portland, Oregon, mayoral candidates Jefferson Smith and Charlie Hales and attend the Tuesday, October 23, “Mayoral Candidates Talk Education” forum at PPS Headquarters at 7:30 p.m.
  3. Read Linda Christensen’s recent Rethinking Schools article titled “The Danger of a Single Story: Writing Essays About Our Lives” and attend the 5th Annual NW Conference on Teaching for Social Justice on Saturday, October 20, in Portland, Oregon. It’s very affordable and has an amazing line-up of speakers and workshops.
  4. Read “Jefferson Schools Tackle Enrollment Issues” and participate in an upcoming community meeting (they are scattered across the first few weeks of October) addressing these same issues.

Keep your eye out for upcoming posts by some of my former students who continue their activism well beyond the classroom, some informative articles that will help you advocate for schools and kids through your vote, and some thoughts on tomorrow night’s presidential candidate debate.  Hope to see you out and about!


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