Voter To-Do List: #1 Register to Vote (by October 16)

For some reason, this fall has taken the Newton-Calvert house by storm, and I have hardly had a chance to blog, attend community meetings, or read the stack of Summit books I ordered from the library.  I have been focused on keeping the kids fed and intellectually stimulated, enjoying the change in the season (lots of pinecone collecting), and teaching my various community-based learning courses.  My students in these courses have inspired me through their work at community partners across Portland and beyond to get back to blogging and working on a slightly bigger level to advocate for the social justice theme that is dear to my heart — education.  So, here we are.  We’re gearing up for the election, I’ve got some dynamic, wonderful guest bloggers lined up, and I have some upcoming posts up my sleeve with creative options for getting more educated before you vote.

Before we all take on the world, here’s a short (manageable) voter to do list:

Today’s  Voter To Do List:

1. Make sure you’re registered to vote.  In Oregon, the last day to register is TOMORROW, October 16.  You can actually register online through the Oregon Secretary of State Elections website.  So easy!  For a much cooler looking registration form, you can also register through the Rock the Vote site.

2.  Browse your voter’s guide.  Here’s an online version for Oregon.

3. Check out opinions of organizations that you respect.  This doesn’t mean that you have to vote for everything or everyone they endorse, but this will give you more information before you vote.  If you don’t know where to start, try some of these:

4. Start having conversations about issues and candidates!

Number 4 on the list isn’t always easy, but it is a really important part of the process of becoming an informed voter.  In the next few weeks, PDXEAN will be presenting myriad opportunities to share in conversations about the upcoming election, to gather people together to informally discuss community and candidates, and to be excited and energized about this civic engagement opportunity.  A preview of things to come?

  • Starting next week, PDXEAN will be hosting active conversations from the Enhancing Youth Literacy and Educational Equity Capstones from PSU.  Check in to join in!
  • In the next few weeks, there are multiple guest bloggers who will be joining us with their perspectives on the library initiative, the school bond, and more.
  • I will be presenting a few fun ideas about how to engage your friends and family in non-confrontational voter education experiences — an ballot measure dinner party, an presidential debate-themed play date, a gathering to write letters for the Children’s Defense Fund “Be Careful What You Cut” campaign, and more!

See you back here soon!



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