Say Yes to Libraries (24-143) with Your Words & Actions!

Today, my two small children decided that we should all walk to the library in rain boots.  It took us an hour there and back on their short legs, but the trip and the library experience were both well worth it.  We go to the library at least once a week to pick up new books related to whatever the kids are currently excited about (currently bugs and princesses).  Easy, local, free access to early learning resources is invaluable to me as a parent trying to raise creative, excited learners.

We love our library, and for me, our library system in Multnomah County represents the kind of public access to resources, technology, knowledge, and community that creates more equity and more social justice.

If you love your library and want more information about the upcoming measure, please read Bryan O-Connell’s post about Measure 24-143 that is up for a vote in November.

And if you love your library even more and want to get involved in the excitement leading up to the November vote, volunteer for the Libraries Yes campaign.  You can do any of the following easy things to be more public with your library support (instructions appear here):

  • Endorse Yes on 24-143
  • Use social media to connect with and inform family, friends, and the community
  • Phone bank for the Libraries Yes campaign
  • Canvass for the Libraries Yes campaign



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