“On a Night in November” (by Guest Poet Matthew Price)

On a Night in November

Broke schools holding broken buildings

Children cuffed ‘n’ chided, not cherished


Poverty pummeling the poor,

Holding back hopes of higher learning


Division in the Democracy, Rifts wracking the Republic

Causing cracks through-which kids collapse


Expensive! Exorbitant! Executives exclaim

As others struggle with cents and senators spend savings.


The world wages weaponless wars over

Test scores and teacher success


Charters challenge the entrenched

Luck laying low or lifting up.


Little weight has been lifted from the fateful burden

Students still struggle and schools are still short-staffed


College seniors in our class are seated—after the possible solutions

Questions come more quickly than the fix


As one I wonder how this wrecking  wave can be withstood


My vocation can be a voice of change

Either speaking peace or spewing sides


And I see how the silent side with the spirit of inaction

But one soul can speak to another and odds swing inverse


In communities there can be a call to action, crying

Stop, stand, support what is still. See how others have stood


My heart hopes for future healing, though slim be hope while looking at this hour

But prior to its approach, passionate people pitted themselves in defense


Their determination demanding no deserting now

But work and wait and witness a wakening to wonder.


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