Six Plans for Jefferson Enrollment Balancing, the Limits of Levies, College Debt, and Oregon Drop Out Rate: Early December Reading List

I’m in the grading phase of the term, folks, so there’s no time for much commentary, but there’s lots happening in education right now, and we all have to keep up on our reading.  Read the following to keep in the loop:

  • Conversations and Silent Protests Continue as Jefferson Enrollment Balancing Plans Are Rolled Out
    • Here are the six plans from Portland Public Schools.
    • Check out the very interesting and insightful posts on the N/NE PPS Enrollment Balancing Facebook Forum here.
    • Here’s more on the silent protest.
    • Join in on an Oregonian live chat on the matter tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:00 a.m.
  • The Public Realizes That Levies Might Not Be the Answer to Unstable School Funding in Our State & Talks Taxes
    • Even if we vote on a levy to increase school funding, that doesn’t mean that the funds are available.  Read more here. 
    • Find out more about the legacy of Measure 5 and how it impacts school funding.
  • College Grads Face Record Debt & Oregon High School Students Drop Out Rate Is 4th Highest in the Nation

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