The Importance of Showing Up: National Day of Solidarity with Garfield Teachers Protesting the MAP

11942_10152540892445297_457837529_n(1)Today, I am wearing red to show my support for teachers at Garfield High School in Seattle, WA.  Read here for more details on the MAP standardized test boycott.  While I can’t drive up to Seattle with my two little ones in tow and I won’t be able to make it to the Portland Student Union’s meeting on opting out from Portland’s own standardized tests, (it’s right at baby bed time), I do want to spread the information about what’s happening at Garfield and to show my solidarity.

I am a teacher.  I am a parent.  I am the daughter of a teacher.  I am the wife of a teacher.  I trust teachers to make decisions that are good for students.  I want my children to have teachers who advocate for their best learning opportunities.

I happen to be in a bit of an ebb when it comes to being physically present at a lot of community meetings and rallies.  My children are 3 and almost 2.  I teach full time +.   I work as a service learning coordinator at Rock Creek.  I volunteer to be part of committees that talk about how to get students more socially engaged.  I am at my limit.

Luckily, in this age of social media, I can still show up.  I sign petitions; I share information; I talk to my kids about social activism; I wear red in solidarity.  And in a few years, once the littles sleep through the night , I will be back out there doing what it takes to make my voice even more present.

This is a small life lesson.  There are many ways of “showing up.”  Even if we have barriers or are busy, we can still find ways to show up.  There’s no one right way to be an advocate or to seek social change.  The only bad decision you can make is to do nothing at all.



4 thoughts on “The Importance of Showing Up: National Day of Solidarity with Garfield Teachers Protesting the MAP

  1. One way I “show up” is by helping to pass the torch to the next generation. My high school aged activist son was a speaker at this morning’s student press conference held at the Blanchard Building (PPS District headquarters,) and while I was unable to attend the event to show my support, I was able to drive my son there to make sure he could be there at 6:45 AM. It is so inspiring to see students so passionate – advocating not only for themselves, but also for the students who will come after them.

    • You must be so proud of your son — it’s great that he was a speaker and is involved in this movement! You’re so right that supporting our children and raising them to understand community engagement are both activist moves. Raising the next generation of socially committed people is hugely important and not to be overlooked!

  2. A group of students in my class collectively wrote a letter in support and emailed it to scrapthemap. Pround to be standing with them on this issue. Thanks, Zapoura!

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