One thought on “An Opportunity to Have Our Voices Heard: Attending a Local School Board Meeting (by Guest Blogger Lisa Quijano)

  1. When Lisa and I talked later last week, we both were amazed that PPS are planning on closing another school. We both felt that there are already too many kids in classrooms today and by closing more schools, it just overloads the open schools more. There has to be a better solution than closing schools.

    Where I grew up in Ashland, they closed 2 elementary schools but it didn’t nearly have the impact on the other 3 schools that were left. I feel like in the North Portland area, they just keep closing schools left and right and causing parents to commute further and further to drop their kids off at school. It’s a domino effect of so many issues that all come down to the learning environment of students, which is the most important thing!

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