One thought on “Realizing the Importance of Civic Engagement (by Guest Blogger Kristin Saito)

  1. Thanks for your post Kristin. I can relate to the notion that it requires some effort to find out the needs of the children and students who live in communities outside our usual experience. I have been sharing some of my experiences as a mentor with friends and family and I am constantly surprised by some of the reactions I get. Some of my acquaintances are shocked to learn that teachers pay for class supplies from their own pockets. One of my closest friends thought I was making a joke when I told him about a student who’s main source of food was his school lunch.
    Like you, my eyes have been opened because of my experience in the Enhancing Youth Literacy capstone class. I definitely recommend that anyone who feels compelled to help out visit Hands-On, or check out the other sites listed on this blog under the Volunteer in Portland heading.

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