One thought on “What Can I Do Now That I Know About Educational Inequity?: Adding Your Voice to Public Forums (by Guest Blogger Amanda House)

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I too am taking the Enhancing Child Literacy for my Capstone at PSU and i am also very much enjoying the class. It really brings to light some educational issues that i wasn’t aware was taking place in our country. things that i should be aware of so that i can start trying to make a difference. Yet, these issues aren’t that hidden, people just need to be directed to them. by the way, does anyone know what a charter school really is? I keep hearing about them in both positive and negative light, but i don’t have a grasp as to what they are and what they are suppose to be doing. Thank you for sharing these links with us and i hope you continue having fun posting and keeping blogs informed of the knowledge you have acquired.

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