Lack of Focus on Oregon Results? (by Guest Blogger Genie Gomez)

GeniePostAccording to reports that in May 2012, Governor John Kitzhaber created a new position as “Oregon Chief of Education” with the focus to improve coordination among disparate elements of the education system.  Governor John Kitzhaber appointed Rudy Crew as the new Oregon Chief of Education with a salary of $280,000 a year.  The proposition and goal for his position was to obtain $150 million from lawmakers to launch what he called “his four strategies initiatives” that would showcase his ability to get dramatic, better results for Oregon students.

In July of 2013 Rudy Crew submitted his letter of resignation.  Within one year of this position as Chief of Education, many have questioned his work ethic and how his time was spent during this position.  Rudy Crew reported frequent travels to so-called attending “conferences” and give “classes” to cities such as Washington D.C., San Francisco and Southern California, but there were questionable actions that did not fit with his job description.

Questions/Get Involved!:

After a year, did Crew do  absolutely nothing for the education of students in Oregon?  Or is there more to this picture?  Do a little research (Google!) on your own and post here to let us know what you find out about both the strengths and weaknesses in Crew’s work in the last year.  Let’s create a complete picture and then discuss whether or not we feel his work contributed to educational equity here!


5 thoughts on “Lack of Focus on Oregon Results? (by Guest Blogger Genie Gomez)

  1. I did a little research and came up with some interesting stories. From this research I basically got that the guy did nothing and spent all of our money. Here’s a little insight into this Rudy Crew fellow. He was the former head of New York and Miami schools and was known to make frequent job changes, is a big city player, and is famously restless before he was hired here in Oregon. Rudy had promised to stay for three years but ditched us after only one and in those 12 months was gone for 2. He traveled to places like the Bahamas, Santa Fe, San Diego, D.C. etc. and charged the taxpayers with the bill. He also charged us other things like a $336 bill for a car to drive him to the airport and a $350 bill to upgrade to first class. My thoughts are that it was known that he was this bad before Kitzhaber hired him, why did he still hire him? Especially for an expensive job in a state he has never known? Something is wrong with not only this Rudy dude but our governor as well.

    • Rose,
      You’re absolutely correct! I read the same information, and while I read all of this I was thinking to myself: “Why would the state of Oregon hire him, with all his history?” Did you also read on his current position? He is the head of Ever Myers College!

      • Oh goodness, I pity the school then. I can just imagine how much poorer he will make them while not helping them what-so-ever. One article I read was complaining that the state, especially the governor, didn’t do anything when Rudy left. What I mean is that they didn’t address his trouble making and instead acted as if this whole fiasco never happened. Do you agree with that?


    Apparently, he had a “stellar” track with helping close achievement gaps and rising reading and math scores in Miami schools prior to working in Oregon. He also seemed to assist us with early-childhood programs among a few other things. But definitely, I see where it can be a little shady that he was often out of town so much while under contract here and left for another job before his contract with us was even up.

    I do wonder why Kitzhaber chose a person who is infamous for not being able to hold a steady job; his loyalty seems to be lacking. It seems obvious though that he has not left a good taste for Oregonians and his time here will be sure to be viewed as pointless and his actions as deceiving.

    • Ouch, but I have to agree. As a voter I’ll definitely keep this situation in mind as I debate voting for him or the competition. What does “stellar” mean? Though his “work” helped in Miami, the cultures between our state and there’s is different. The same system won’t necessarily work here. Kitzhaber should have hired someone local, not an out of town bail out.

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