Chief Educators Vacation Payed for by Oregon (by Guest Blogger Kelly McIntyre)

school boardIn a recent Oregon live article the chief educator must ask permission to leave the state
and will now have their expensive monitored. My question is shouldn’t they’ve always been monitored? Former chief educator Rudy Crew was notorious for traveling out of state and even country to give speeches on Oregon’s dime while he was suppose to be working! They are now bringing up that issue even though he isn’t working for Oregon any more plus he has a background for doing that and not staying long in a job but that’s another issue. But my question is isn’t this something we should be monitoring always? There is already a tight budget for schools and these are the moments that you read about saying why is this an issue being brought up? Hiring people with questionable work ethics and not leaving their jobs for long periods of time to do other work should raise a red flag. This is something that should of been automatically monitored! Here’s the article about this issue read it place your opinions!
And here’s the article about Rudy Crew

9 thoughts on “Chief Educators Vacation Payed for by Oregon (by Guest Blogger Kelly McIntyre)

  1. If it is a business expense, then yes, it should be monitored. However, I’m assuming that the state pays for vacation time which is typical of most employers. But you mentioned that he has a history of this sort of behavior so maybe his expenses should be monitored more carefully since he has abused it before.

  2. It should definitely be monitored. The state looks and sees this qualified person and is desperate for change so they jump. But they should have looked at the guy’s past, just like a teacher is looked at upon hiring (where they went to school, other jobs they’ve had, etc). It’s just sad to look at this and think “our system is so terrible we had to hire this whack job because he’s had results (even though he has a bad history)”

    • I agree with you Lindsay, they should always be monitoring this person and obviously the sketchy work history should have thrown up a lot of red flags. Also if this person is supposed to not leave the state and he did, why did the state not hold him accountable for any of that? I am assuming that there are repercussions for these actions.

      • Not only this one person, but everyone else they plan to higher. I keep hearing that we (as a country) are spending on unnecessary things with taxpayers money. Here is proof of that and I’m sure he’s not the only one. I’m sure if their was a monitoring system in the beginning we would have found a lot more people like Rudy. I am hoping your right Steven, that there should be repercussions for these action.

        Random note: I remember taking a class and we got on the discussion of money wasting. The teacher brought up that a couple million dollars go down the drain by businesses writing off “work lunches” in their taxes. Money that can be put to better use elsewhere.

  3. I think what’s more important besides his vacation time is the fact that he left Oregon for another job before his contract was done here and also didn’t really accomplish what Kitzhaber wanted him to do. Then adding on the fact that he has taken many vacations during his time here just makes the whole thing look even worse. I’m more concerned about what he did on a daily basis and if he was productive in helping us with our education. If he took business trips to teach about various things, then I can see why he needs the funds for that. But if he did not contribute much to his job while under contract here, then I would be really disappointed that his time wasn’t evaluated more on productivity and efficiency.

  4. It seems to be a tricky thing, keeping track of people entrusted with important, high-paying, high-cost jobs. In addition to Rudy Crew, just last year, the REAL Charter school was not opened because the director of the project, Erica Jayasuriya, misappropriated funds. So, what is the remedy? We put people in charge after assessing their qualifications and determining them the best fit, only to find out down the road that they would fail us. My question is then, is there any system that can be implemented as a means of better assuring the outcome of new, important and costly projects? Perhaps an outside party that could “monitor” the new projects and their directors? But even then, would the “monitor” need monitoring? What do you think, Kelly, Christine, Lindsay and or Tyler?

    • I agree in that it gets tricky when we are putting our trust into the hands of people with a lot of power – and money. You make an interesting suggestion though about having an outside party monitoring new projects and their directors. While this sounds ideal, I would then be concerned about directors bribing and paying these outside parties to keep things hidden and in secret. It all comes down to who can we really trust? In my eyes, for-profit companies never have education’s best interests. It is the non-profits that I am more trusting of because it is very obvious that their actions are not driven by financial influences.

  5. I think it is very important to monitor people that have the ability to abuse money and their position, especially when it comes to education. I do not believe you should be allowed to use oregon’s money when going out of town and on trips unless it will benefitting Oregon! I do not understand how it is so hard to comprehend the importantance of education for our kids. When you have a job or are in a position that is a part of the education system, you should not be allowed to abuse your power. Our children’s future is at stake becuase we are failing them. And because we put people in important positions that hold our children’s education in their hands and they are allowed to misuse funds and not do their job. We have to put the kids and schools first, before vacation time and wages.

  6. As we are seeing with our schools, school districts and administrators, there seems to be a lack of accountability on all levels. We need to focus our priorities to the students who come into the school system to ensure they are getting the best education possible. As we saw with Rudy Crew, there was no accountability for his actions. Although it was known that time away from his main priorities of overseeing education needed to be signed off on, when Crew did it without getting it signed off there was no one there to hold him accountable. We need to ensure there is proper accountability on all levels and that begins from the top on down.

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