DREAM Act: Are You Misinformed? (by Guest Blogger Geraldine Rose Tucker)

dream actBasically the DREAM Act is a bill that allows immigrant children who came to the US a change to gain permanent residency by seeking higher education and show good moral behavior. For a little more detail on what the DREAM Act requirements are check out the Wikipedia Page.  The DREAM Act aims to gain more college graduates who will help fill in the areas in which more educated people are needed; areas such as medicine, technology, science and teaching. They also hope to be able to expand the population that the military can recruit by allowing DREAMers (those who are affected by the DREAM Act) a chance to also gain permanent residency through the military and good moral behavior.

Debates between supporters and critics are everywhere as to whether this bill should be passed or not. Supporters argue that the bill would provide social and economical benefits while critics claim that the bill would be rewarding immigrants already here and promoting more immigrants to come. With these sparking debates a lot of misinformation is also being spewed around. Visit Catherine Poe’s article here to read and debunk some common misinformation that has been flowing around. Afterwards, reply with your position on the DREAM Act or your reaction toward Poe’s article. Is the DREAM Act a good investment for the future? Are your for or against it? Why or why not? Did Poe’s article change your knowledge/opinion on a matter or did it reaffirm your understanding?


9 thoughts on “DREAM Act: Are You Misinformed? (by Guest Blogger Geraldine Rose Tucker)

  1. Of course, I support the “Dream Act” 100%. Why not give those who want to go to school, have the opportunity to continue with their education. Some of these young individuals came to the U.S. when they were months old and weren’t even aware of their “legal status” until they were doing their own research on schools to attend.

    Is very unfortunate, but families come to the U.S. for better job opportunities and to support their families and if the government would do something about legalizing or making it easier for undocumented families to have permits they would not have to take drastic measures to come to the U.S.

    Let’s give them the choice as well to continue with their education!

  2. These kids ARE Americans. Their families came here in response to our “advertising” and the vast majority of them work ridiculously hard to achieve the dream WE sold to them. To characterize them as “freeloaders” and “criminals” and “poachers” at the same time we take away their best opportunities to become legal, respected, gainfully and successfully employed tax payers, is insane and unfair beyond belief. I have yet to see any reliable data or evidence based in reality that does anything but reinforce my very strongly held opinion that acknowledging the value of these folks – who are already here, have been for most of their lives, and already an integral part of our society – can only help us as a nation and and as a culture and makes us all around better off.

  3. I agree with you Andy. To add to your comment, when it comes to agriculture all I see in the fields are Latino families working from sunrise to sunset. It hurts me and makes me angry when I hear people comment that “they come and steal our jobs” that is absolutely false. I don’t see anyone else going and applying for these jobs. These families including their children are grateful to have a job even if they have minimum wage.

  4. I was actually thinking about this earlier this morning. America wouldn’t exist without immigrants.

    “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free…”

    It’s very easy to sit in your suburban bubble with your latest technological gadgets and complain about these uneducated, job-stealing illegal aliens. It’s very easy to do that. To complain that they are stealing American jobs… First off, no they aren’t. Billion dollar corporations are stealing American jobs by outsourcing to other countries for cheaper labor costs. If you want to get your 86-cent head of iceberg lettuce at your local Wal*Mart you better pipe down because unless you’re going to grow it yourself (which we all know you’re not), then you need to step back and realize that these, “illegal aliens” are probably the hardest working people you’ll ever meet. Immigrants, no matter where they are from give up everything they have to come to a country that invites them, only to be rejected by its citizens and ignored by its government.

    The majority of people living in America don’t want to graduate from high school, they don’t want an education. If they did, America wouldn’t be in the state it currently is. So to give funding and aid to immigrants that actually want to better themselves… why not? Why not give money to people that will actually use it for what it is intended to do? Let’s better this county, and better ourselves at the same time.

    I don’t know if anyone watches The NewsRoom, but please take a moment to view this. >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zabb3fxGTPk

    • As Hershel Greene said on the TV show Walking Dead, “Immigrants built this nation, don’t ever forget that.”


    • Amanda,

      I agree with you 100%! We are a nation of immigrants and we must remember the value they have brought to us. Many of the jobs people complain of them taking are jobs no other American would ever think of taking. So let these people be and open our arms to these hard-working immigrants.

  5. Of course I support the DREAM act. We need more educated people, and this bill will help with that. I like that this bill is focusing more towards the health and science field. We will always need more people in that field.

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