Portland Is Becoming More Segregated…How Does This Impact Kids/Schools?

Check out today’s story from OBP: “Portland Becoming More Segregated…by Income.”  How might this impact kids and schools?


3 thoughts on “Portland Is Becoming More Segregated…How Does This Impact Kids/Schools?

  1. Yes, that may be true based on facts and figures. Are they taking into account rentals, apartments, condos as well as homes that are purchased? I think a well rounded neighborhood as all of that. I think in every neighborhood there are all income levels. There are all kinds of living situations. I know people who are single parents, divorced with two households, married with two incomes or just one, older seniors, and some people with only dogs. 🙂 Every neighborhood has it all. Children are exposed to all incomes, all kinds of family incomes that determine their home buying or renting situation. Very interesting topic. I think a well rounded child understands this.

  2. I think the concern is that there are increasingly more neighborhoods don’t have the rich diversity that you describe (among those who own homes and those who are renting) because there is lack of access. I agree that children benefit from economically diverse neighborhoods!

  3. It always disturbs me reading about how segregated Portland is becoming because I can definitely see it happening. I live on the East side of Portland and over the past years there has been a lot of crime. I have had family who lived in North or NE Portland for years, but they couldn’t afford to stay in there house because they couldn’t afford it any more. Never would I thought any of my family would live so far out on the east side of Portland because the houses tend to be cheaper. I can see how it impact kids because they live in poorer neighborhoods with less resources. People who live in poorer neighborhoods tend to be more crime, so you would also have to worry about your child being safe and off the street.

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