How School Works Additional Information: survey

I also did a survey to PPS teachers through principal at a middle school. Yes, only 4 responses. But it was grading time and all were busy.

1. Are standardized tests helpful?

not at all=1 somewhat=4

2. Do they hinder lesson plans in class?

somewhat=1 above average=3

3. Does it take time away from classwork?

somewhat=1 above average=3

4. Are the tests effective?

not at all=1 somewhat=3

5. Is there any alternatives to it?

no=1 somewhat=1 yes=2

6. Can the tests be updated?

in some ways=1 many ways=3

7. Are the test scores equal to what you see in students’ knowledge?

not at all=1 average=1 somewhat=2

And one actual comment: Work samples where students show ability with a process or critical thinking rather than simply knowledge of facts.



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