Tell youth about available drug and alcohol treatment.


I worked as a Youth Advocate, and CARE Coordinator for a couple years down in Sacramento, California to help youth in a dual diagnosis outpatient treatment program.  As a CARE Coordinator I went to schools and interviewed youth to prepare assessments for counselors to help decide what treatments they would need.  I will never forget when I went to the bed side of a youth in the hospital after she was in a horrible car accident.  She and her friends had been doing drugs before driving intoxicated, and they were all seriously injured.  I had seen her the week before to try and help her get into a treatment program for her drug addiction, and she had refused help.  As I was talking to her in the hospital, she still did not believe that drugs were negatively impacting her life.  It broke my heart, and sadly this story is not uncommon.

So many youth use drugs to self medicate, and escape emotionally from difficult circumstances in their lives.  It can lead to the inability to stay in school, hold jobs, and negatively impacts their health… among so much more devastating consequences.

Please pass the word along to youth that you know that if they or someone they know need treatment that there are available programs out there for them.

Depending on their level of need they may need outpatient, intensive, or residential treatment. Two programs I found for youth in the Portland area include:

* Chang Point is an outpatient DD Youth treatment program in Portland area:

Phone: (503) 253-5954  website:

*DePaul Treatment Center is a residential treatment center for teens in innercity Portland:

Phone: (503) 535-1151  website:

There are laws that protect the privacy of youth receiving treatment, and many available options for funding.  Many of these programs can be contacted and asked about funding options.

-Sasha Doyel


2 thoughts on “Tell youth about available drug and alcohol treatment.

  1. Hi Sasha,

    This story is very sad. I worked as a residential skills counselor in a dual diagnose treatment center for 6 years. I saw a lot of things like this as well. We are fortunate enough to have so many services here in the NW. We have Rosemont, Boys and Girls Aid, The Christi School, SMYRK, NARA, Telecare, Cascadia, Lifeworks NW and I am sure a handful of others. I think Cascadia and Lifeworks may be more adult focused, but may have youth services as well. It’s very hard work for everyone involved. It is unfortunate that so many youths who struggle with addictions are so resistant, but you are right. We need to be sharing this information with them. Sometimes kids just need that someone who is genuine and caring to help lift them up.


    • Alicia, There are many more treatment programs here than there were in Sacramento. It may be because Oregon is the Meth capital? Not sure. There are only a few centers that are purely for youth though. Thank you for the list. I don’t know all of them up here, but I want to. (I meant to say “Change Point” instead of “Chang point”) Sorry. Many people don’t realize HOW MANY youth try out drugs, but as you know the statistics are astounding. It is more complicated than “just say no” as well.

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