Two well known organizations for volunteering.


American Red Cross immediately came to mind when looking into volunteering with my kids. My daughter is eleven at the age when she wants to start babysitting. Red Cross has great training classes: pet care, lifeguard, babysitting, family first aid, nurse assistant, etc. She will do the class with a friend in December. I remember doing this, also.

The ways to volunteer with them is: give blood, donate money, teaching a class, getting into a group, be an advocate, go internationally.

Here is the information on volunteering from their site:

“Every single day, the American Red Cross helps people in emergencies. Whether it’s one displaced family, thousands of disaster victims, or providing care and comfort to an ill or injured service member or veteran or support to a military family member, our vital work is made possible by people like you. It is through the time and care of ordinary people that we can do extraordinary things.

The Red Cross is always looking for people with various backgrounds, talents and skill levels. Our needs are often specific based on current events and levels of ground support, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your desire to get involved!”


The Peace Corps is where my brother volunteered for two years. After he graduated from college he couldn’t find a job in his chosen degree profession as an engineer. As he worked as a bank teller he thought of what else he could do when he was waiting for a reply for his many, many, many job applications. he even posted all his denied job application letters to his bedroom wall. He covered most of his room walls! He went into the Peace Corps, learned Arabic, went to Tunisia! What an opportunity. It was so different and exciting compared to Seattle. He built homes. Very exciting and life changing! Do it when you are in your twenties, no spouse, kids. Go. You may never have the opportunity again. He is 43 with many responsibilities and so glad he did it then.

Info: “Volunteers serve abroad for two years plus training, working directly with communities in one of more than 70 countries to build capacity in agriculture, economic development, education, environment, health, and youth development.”






4 thoughts on “Two well known organizations for volunteering.

  1. Jen, thanks for sharing your inspiration to volunteer with the Red Cross and Peace Corps! I particularly liked how you said, “It is through the time and care of ordinary people that we can do extraordinary things.” I think some people get stuck in the mindset that they must make huge life changing actions in order to get noticed. This is a definite misconception because after taking this capstone, I’ve come to realize that it’s the little things an individual does that makes the biggest difference. I donate blood more than a handful of times throughout the year but would like to get more involved. I didn’t know that the Red Cross offers training sessions, thanks for letting me know -it’s something I’m definitely going to look into!

    • Kelcie- I totally agree with you that it is after this capstone that I have discovered that little things an individual can do DOES make a difference! It is amazing, and empowering to find that out!

  2. Jen, Thank you so much for this information!!! I always think “Blood Donations” when I think of the Red Cross, and always put them out of my mind because I take meds that I can’t give blood with… but there are other ways to volunteer!!! Thank you! I have also had passing thoughts of the Peace Core because I have no kids/spouse, and am just going to school right now. I might look into it thanks!


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