Privatizing Schools: The Answer to Public School Problems?

A step towards reform of the public education system in the United States has been through the privatization of schools. One such example is the charter school system: a publicly funded, privately operated institution. Charter schools must follow the same educational standards set by state and national laws, but they are free in their approach. Charter schools also focus more and are accountable for student achievement. It is these two things that define a charter school.

Since the creation of charter schools more than twenty years ago, debates about their effectiveness have occurred throughout the nation. Advocates for charter schools argue that charter schools work, but they need more resources to have a more successful outreach. Opponents claim that charter schools are no different than public schools and are no more successful with student achievement rates. Another cause for concern by opponents is that in most cases acceptance into a charter school is based on a lottery system. Proponents tout that charter schools provide an alternative to public schools by giving students access to a better education, whether that is teacher quality, classroom size, or student safety.


Locally, there are a number of charter schools in the Portland area. As with any educational institution, there is a need for volunteers who are passionate and willing to give their time to the success of students. The link provided below is a list of charter schools within the Portland area. You can find volunteer opportunities and information for each one at their appropriate site.

The links provided below contain the members of the Oregon Legislature who are on the committees for education. If you would like to voice your opinion on education and the direction you think education, both public and charter, should head in, you can find the information to contact those responsible for making our laws.

While the charter school system has been around for over twenty years, the debate of their effectiveness is just starting to pick up. A number of documentaries surrounding charter schools have been released in recent years which depict the purpose and selection of charter schools.

With pushes of reform for the public school system increasing, charter schools are an alternative choice. Here’s something to think about when deciding public vs. charter:

Are charter schools a solution to the public system problem, or are they a cause of the problem?


One thought on “Privatizing Schools: The Answer to Public School Problems?

  1. I don’t know if I believe charter schools are THE cause of a failing public education system but they are definitely adding to the fire. I think they are an excuse to given up on a fully private system, which is insane when you consider that one of their original purposes was to provide recommendations for improving the public system. What are your thoughts when you propose they may be the cause?

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