PIC Team Project – Routers for Roosevelt


Photograph courtesy of http://www.portlandconnected.com 

Our team was given the theme of, “How Schools Work,” for our PIC Team Project. In a literal sense, schools are operational. They are a safe environment where learning takes place. The staff, teachers and students all work together to keep the school functional. However, nothing is perfect and the schools are no exception. We challenged ourselves to think what we could do that would make the schools better. We didn’t know what three college students could do to help the schools run better without a substantial amount of money.

The Technology Immersion Program at Roosevelt High School gives fifty students the opportunity to take home iPads. The students use the iPads to study, do research, translate languages and utilize several educational apps. While the students can take advantage of this at school, many students did not have internet at home. In January 2014, students were offered the Comcast Internet Essentials program. This provides students discounted internet with a free modem and installation. The only problem? The routers needed for wireless internet were not included.

This was a task we could take on. We launched the, “Routers for Roosevelt,” campaign. Our goal was to raise money to provide routers to students. We started an online fundraiser to spread through social media and planned a bake sale on the Portland State University campus. We also started to make connections with members of the community to help spread awareness. Our goal was to provide as many students with routers as possible.

By the end of our eight weeks, we had a total of $400.00 raised through our online website. Our bake sale raised another $172.50. This brought our total amount raised to $572.50. We officially had twenty nine routers headed to Roosevelt. We also received a generous donation from Fred Meyer of ten additional routers.

We delivered thirty nine routers to Roosevelt High School on Monday March 10th. These students will now have internet access throughout their educational journey.

We left the project having a better meaning of how schools work. Schools work because of the people in them. The staff, teachers, volunteers and students. How schools can perform the best is having support and involvement from the community. Teachers are the superhero’s of our schools, but they can’t shoulder all the schools success on their own.

We are all thankful for all the support and donations we received over our eight weeks. We are leaving our donation website open and will continue to rally support around Roosevelt High School. Go Rough Riders!!!


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