PIC Team Project – PDX Diaper Bank



Our group had the opportunity to work with PDX Diaper Bank for our PIC Team Project. PDX Diaper Bank is an organization that supplies diapers and diapering services to low-income families with young children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities. We have had the pleasure of working with the organization in an effort to raise awareness of the impact of not having access to clean diapers. We have personally set up diaper banks around our communities in an effort to gain understanding and participate with an organization that makes big differences in the lives of families.

Our team has personally raised hundreds of diapers for PDX Diaper Bank and some of us will continue to keep our diaper banks open on a continuous basis. There are boxes at day cares, logging businesses, gyms, and churches. We have found that the communities are willing to help out and simply asking to leave a box to collect diapers has proven easy and efficient. This has truly been a sustainable and fulfilling opportunity for us. We feel we have found a tangible, sustainable, and exciting way to support families and children.

What does a diaper bank have to do with educational equity? Lots! According to PDX Diaper Bank, lack of access to clean diapers prevents children from participating in early childhood education and education programs. If a parent is unable to work, the chances of having clean diapers and early education goes down even more. This can lead to lower levels of education, numeracy, literacy, language, and social development. We don’t want families to have to choose between buying groceries and paying for diapers. The more support that can be gained for this organization, the more chances these families have at providing an education for their families. We know that early education is vital to a student’s long-term success. Providing clean diapers to low-income families is one way to make a dent in that “opportunity gap”. The best part? You don’t need a college degree, a lot of money, or a child in diapers to get involved!

How can you help? Easy! Here is what PDX Diaper Bank suggests ;

HOST A DIAPER DRIVE in your community

Become an individual or corporate SPONSOR.

Businesses: “ADOPT” PDX DIAPER BANK for a month (a gift of $500)

Make a FINANCIAL DONATION through our website


Set us as your charity of choice on GOOD SEARCH. Earn money for PDX Diaper Bank every time you search or shop online.

Check out our current organizational needs on our WISH LIST for more information on how you might be able to assist. Spread the word! ‘Like Us’ on Facebook and tell your friends about our mission and ways to help.

The website for PDX Diaper Bank is: http://www.pdxdiaperbank.org/#! 

Thank you,

Tracy, Nora, and Merry of Supporting Families, Supporting Kids


4 thoughts on “PIC Team Project – PDX Diaper Bank

  1. Did you have a final number that you collected this term? I’d love the statistic on this to share with other program staff 🙂 Great work, you guys! You’ve inspired me to do a diaper drive at my daughter’s preschool as well!

  2. So far Tracy has raised 1300 diapers with Nora and Merry each raising $140 each! Excellent start and Merry will be updating us with her diaper count soon!

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