Action to support higher education for immigrants

Through this course ‘Social Justice K-12’ we talk a lot about what we can do as an individual or community to bring equality in our local schools. Our education system has come a long way to help students whose family immigrated to the United States. Oregon has passed the tuition equity bill that states that students who can provide proof that they have been living in Oregon for a certain amount of years can pay in state tuition rather than paying out of state at their local University. This gives students who have lived in the United States all their life who are undocumented have the ability to receive their higher education. Although the tuition equity bill is one step to helping our students get their higher education. Many students are still not able to receive funds from FASFA to help with their college expenses. At my community partner, a group of students wanted to do an action project that could be beneficial to their peers. One of their ideas was to create a scholarship for undocumented students who were looking towards getting their higher education. They knew that the scholarship that they were giving out was not going to pay for the student’s whole tuition but they knew that some kind of scholarship would be beneficial towards the student’s academic goals. These students have already raised nearly $11,000 to award to a selected student. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP? Private scholarships and grants are great ways to pay for college but here are some resources and tips to provide anyone who knows students who are undocumented and applying to colleges and need financial aid. Filling out the FASFA: Immigration Status and financial aid: Financial aid and scholarships:


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