Grassroots & Social Engagement




Now thatwe are near the end of our course and our community partnerships are coming to an end it’stime to look at how you can further your services to the community. This weeks readings/ re-readings reflected on education within a multicultural society. This has been a current theme throughout our learning of equal education. Just recentlythe Brown vs. Board of Education just celebrated its 60th anniversary. The Oregonian did an article about the current state of theracial integration in Portland Schools. “Research shows that increased integration helps students intellectually and socially”. I would consider this to be part of the roots to equal education. By having better mixed classrooms students are going to get a better diverse experience, but this becomes hard when families pull their kids out and place them else where. The article also mentioned that the “district appears ready to cut down on transfers, especially within high schools, to help build up resources at neighborhood schools”.-Oregonian Should we stop letting students transfer out of school in their own neighborhood?

A lot of our discussions have focused on minority groups and ways that the school system can help better there education and make education more equal. Before this class I was very clueless on the educational issues that are present in our local society. And I think this is a very important topic that everyone should be informed on. How could these education issues be taught at all the high schools so everyone can be informed on these issues, even if it may not apply to that community? Even if you are unable to continue on with direct community service we can still be making an impact with the knowledge we have taken away from the course and what we have learned from our community partner. Being educated on education is key for when we become parents and start putting our kids in the public school systems. These issues will later affect us and the economy if these younger generations are not all receiving equal opportunities. Last week we were really focusing in on multicultural issues within schools. Especially with the problem of language sensitivity and how we can help the language barriers in the classroom. If this was an issue and topic that you felt passionate about a good place to further your help in the community would be to look at the SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) program. This program works with schools and classes that have kids that need the extra attention in the area of reading. Reading levels are a strong predicator of future education so this program works with young readers who may not get enough practice at home.

There will always be ways we can help our community and the schools that serve the community. And sometimes the communities that need the most help might not have the time, money, or resources to make improvements so it is key as a citizen that we help others achieve an equal opportunity for education. 


Janice Post




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