Adult Education and Parenting Classes

While many people that blog here discuss many of important issues that are taking place all over the U.S but are focusing on Portland, I being located in the bay area, wanted to bring up an issue that is very common here. The lack of adult education. Not only did I want to talk about education for the adult but also educational parenting classes that provide parents with the advice on how to direct their kids in the right direction. It is proven that the education a parent it is very likely their child will follow in their footsteps, yet this is not always the case. In today’s society we see parents having kids and not really having any clue to how to deal with everything that comes with parenting a child. I mean which parent does, but having an educational course on basic parenting skills couldn’t hurt.

The Bay Area is one of the most costly places to live in the United States, in order to buy a home a decent neighborhood in the Bay Area, a yearly income need to be about $138,000. With everything being so expensive it only give people one option and that is too work. Working 8-12 hours and that provides no time for school if it is something someone is interested in. Also some of those people seeking education have kids which is not only another expense but it takes time out of your day. How do working adults have time to not only work, provide time and support to their children, go to school and afford going to school?

Here in California there is a program called California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs). CalWORKs is a welfare program that gives people in need cash aid and services. CalWORKs supports low-income students who need training and work experience. CalWORKs services also assistance with transportation, affordable child care, and counseling to assist students in achieving success. Within CalWORK there are many different programs that not only provide support but they also provide education and very important educational parenting classes. Even though this program seems great just like any program it has it flaws. This program is limited to who qualifies, and how much cash aid they can give. It would be ideal that these programs could be provided to everyone but due to the amount of applicants and amount of money it just isn’t possible.

What are your thoughts on this program? Is it beneficial to the people that need the help? Regardless of facts, in your opinion do you think a child’s education is highly impacted by their parents? Do you thinking providing these services for a parent will help? And if so, what is a way that we could provide these services to more people?

Below I added the link to the CalWORKs website if you would like to read more about it. It talks about all the different services that one might be eligible for if in the CalWORKs program.

This link is an article written by Oregon State University discussing why it is important to take advantage of parenting classes if available. The Last two links are resources to programs near Portland that provide parenting classes.




2 thoughts on “Adult Education and Parenting Classes

  1. I absolutely believe that parent education and parent education make a huge impact on a child’s learning long-term. I support any kind of early education for parents and any kind of parent support. Even beyond parenting classes and in-home support, organizations like Families Forward Oregon ( are really important because they fight for family-friendly policies allowing parents to both work and parent in more positive ways…

    • Thank you for sharing Zapoura! I did a bit of research on Families Forward Oregon and it looks like a great program that fights for something more. That is what we need, people fighting for more when it comes to the children in our community and all around the world. Being a working parent is not easy and to have people that support parents with this is amazing!

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