Family Time is the Best Time

We have discussed the different aspects of life that have a negative impact on families that effect the way a child takes on their education. We hope to raise attention to these issues so that if this is an issue within their own family they can try to tend to this issues if they are present. This week I actually wanted to discuss two issues that I feel go hand and hand, lack of healthy meals cooked which is due to the issue of not having enough time. We see child obesity playing a huge part in our society today, and some of that is due to the cost of expensive healthy food in which families cannot afford and sometimes because the family simply does not have enough time to cook a meal.

If parents are struggling to pay for bills and keep their family afloat sometimes their only option is to resort to unhealthy cheap food. This unhealthy cheap food such as fast food or microwavable food is also a quick option. Parents that are working to support their families often work long hours and when they get home cooking or having does not seem like the easiest option. With this you are not only taking away a potentially healthier meal but you are also taking away quality family time to ask your child about how their day was at school. Spending time with your kids and something as simple as asking them how their day at school was has a very influential impact on your child. This ensures to them that they know their parents care and are there for them.

I personally came from a single parent home and having a dinner that my mom cooked and enjoyed with my brother came very rarely. My mom worked hard but when she came home and we had already eaten dinner she would make sure to sit us down and spend time asking my brother and I about school. This ensured to me that she cared and supported me throughout my schooling. She also made an effort to attend all the school events that she could.

I personally think that in today’s society the idea is to try to stay afloat or to try and get ahead. With that comes long work hours and less time with your families. People get caught up and forget to take a second to ask why they are doing what they are doing. It’s for their families so take an hour out of your day to spend it with them.

Beneath I have included a couple links that discuss the importance of family meals and spending time with your child.




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