Supporting Our Community By Rooting Out Hunger

Supporting Our Community By Rooting Out Hunger


The link provided leads to a video made by Tony Steele, Bethany Peery, and Adrian Vasquez to inspire others to get involved in some way with education in their community. The video is entitled Supporting Our Community By Rooting Out Hunger and reflects on our volunteer work within the Oregon Food Bank. This video was made for a Senior Capstone class at Portland State facilitated by Zapoura Newton-Calvert.

For our group project we decided to work under the umbrella theme: Supporting families supporting children. 


We chose to get involved with the Oregon Food Bank because we felt that even though it was not directly associated with education it encompassed our theme of supporting families supporting children. The Oregon Food Bank is an important organization within the community because it provides basic yet essential necessities to those who otherwise do not have access to them. Without these necessary resources, families can be put under a tremendous amount of stress which can surely disrupt a child’s educational goals.

We felt that this connected with our theme and it was important to us to volunteer and play a part in getting food to people who are unable to get these necessities. We had a great experience working at the Oregon Food Bank and got to participate in the help that this organization does for the community.

Our PIC (Participating In Community) team volunteered for the “Fresh Alliance” produce repacking position because it was in the highest need of volunteers. Essentially we stood in a refrigerated room with other volunteers and checked fresh produce to make sure it was not rotten or moldy and would be healthy for people to eat. The experience with this volunteer time and project allowed us to see how people can influence others even without direct contact.

This has been an interesting experience in many ways because even though we were not working with families or children on an educational level, there are still people who work hard to make a difference in people’s lives without any validation. There were a lot of volunteers there who work for the Oregon Food Bank on a weekly basis and it is kind of a behind -the-scenes contribution. We really appreciated meeting these people who are doing this hard work to help others. It is inspiring to see how people dedicate so much of their own time to participate in selfless acts and it made us want to do more volunteer work beyond this class within our community. I feel that this relates back to our umbrella theme of “Supporting Families Supporting Kids” because even though this is kind of an unseen way of contributing to families they are still going to receive nourishment from these contributions of food. The volunteer work that we did of repacking produce and other food products was just a small part of the overall system of how the Oregon Food Bank helps families. However, we still felt that it was doing something to help families even if it was in a small way; sometimes the small tasks make up important contributions to others as a whole.


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