A Threat to Our Schools (by Stephanie, April, Ben, and Zach)

Hello everyone from Stephanie, April, Benjamin, and Zach! Our group’s PIC project is named “A Threat to our Schools” and our main mission was to spread the word about each particular issue that is causing education equity problems. We began with the PDXEAN Blog and then spread that throughout various social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. We felt as a group that unequal school funding, privatization of the school system, and public vs. private school choice. Each one has it’s own sets of issues that accompany them, and yet many people are just completely unknown. How can someone change the issues if they are unaware of them? This question essentially ran our thoughts about our project. Our goal was to promote educational equity by putting facts in front of the public that hadn’t been put out there before! Enjoy the video and thanks for your time!




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